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Among the Nation's Leading Accounting, Tax and Small Business Services Firms

Serving clients in all 50 states and founded by Karla Dennis, Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.™ is an award winning, full-service, professional accounting, tax, and small business services firm.  Our distinctive style of handling tax issues has transformed the lives of thousands people from all walks of life; from doctors, to soccer moms, to business executives and small business owners.

Our distinguished enrolled agents are committed successfully navigating you through the 75,000+ pages of the tax code.  Our business services staff meets every business challenge you offer with effective and practical solutions.

Take advantage OF your advantage.  Discover today for yourself why you will love the results Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.™ delivers.


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We Specialize In


Strategic Tax Planning™


Online Small Business Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Payroll


Small Business Services


 Strategic Tax Planning™


Don't make the mistake of NOT beginning with the end in mind. Our unique and proprietary four-pronged Strategic Tax Plan™ handles all tax and wealth building issues like:


Optimizing income tax preparation and estimated taxes for individuals and corporations (Corporate tax preparation like business taxes for LLC/ limited liability companies, S-corporations, partnerships and trusts, and non-profits).


Proven tax resolution and tax solution strategies to handle problems like:

Wage Garnishments

Bank Levies

Back Taxes

Income Tax Audits

IRS Notices

Tax Liens

 Tax Relief

CP2000 Notices

Income Tax Collections, Audits And Appeals

 Sales Tax Collections, Audits And Appeals

Workman's Compensation Audits



Online Small Business Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Online Payroll Services


Running a Business is a Balancing Act. Let Us Balance Your Books and Handle Your Payroll

When it comes to accounting or bookkeeping services, most business owners attempt to thrive on a “Do-It-Yourself” mentality. They try to do everything themselves in an attempt to keep expenses low. However, letting go of that mentality could actually make you more money.

Let the experts at Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.™ help you engage the power of virtual accounting. Our experienced staff provides expert accounting or bookkeeping and payroll services for our clients. Call us today to make the most of scalable, customized accounting services that fit your needs.



Online Payroll Services


Simplifying Complicated Calculations And Regulatory Reporting


Stress-free Payroll Processing And Reporting


A-Z handling




W-2 and 1099 Preparation


Small Business Services


We Offer Real-World, Practical Solutions To Handling Challenges Like:

New Business Startups


How To Properly Incorporate


Entity Selection Process & Formations


Marketing and Sales Process Optimization

Business Owner and Executive Coaching and Development


Vision Modeling


Leadership and Management Development


Business Development and Optimization

Revenue Modeling


Financial Statement Reviews


W-4 Analysis


Real Estate Planning and Financing

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Discover The  Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.™  

Difference For Yourself... Today.

An Introduction

At Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.™, whether you're looking for tax relief from IRS issues, or searching for ways to avoid overpaying your taxes, we are here to help you achieve financial stability by guiding you through a path that leads you to financial peace of mind. If you are seeking the "holy grail" of optimal tax planning and preparation of a myriad of financial services, you've come to the right place.

Okay, so you’re looking for a tax expert. Who do you choose or who do you go to? Answer: go to someone who you can trust, someone who has a great reputation who is willing to do what it takes to help you with all your needs.

Feel At Home

You see, at Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.™ we are passionate about financial wellness; your wellness on a financial, and even on an emotional level! And so is my whole team. That's why, once you find yourself in need of tax help, whether it's tax liens, wage garnishments, or other problems- we'll teach you how to get out of whatever situation you're in, and stay that way while maximizing your "TOTAL FINANCIAL HEALTH"... for good! But that doesn't mean we'll keep you coming back every week for years on end, like some tax firms or financial experts do. We'll get to the cause of your problem and correct it naturally and thoroughly so you can get on with your life!

A Little Different

I think you'll find we're a little different from other tax planning firms. It's not just our commitment to providing first-class financial through strategic tax planning - though that's part of it. And it's not just our great rates that provide a fantastic value for our clients - though that's part of it, too. It's our whole philosophy. One of our specialties is the resolution of tax problems. If you or anyone you know has an issue with the government concerning a tax liability they cannot pay or if they are currently being audited and do not know what to do Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.™ has the solutions.

The firm prides itself as a full-service professional accounting, tax and small business solution to individuals and businesses; serving the community, region and national clients for nearly two decades. Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.™ offers unsurpassed expertise in the field of accounting and taxation including preparing tax returns, representing clients in audits and collections issues that may come before the Internal Revenue Service. The company expertise of knowing what the IRS or other taxing authorities are looking for when your return is prepared is an indispensable benefit for our clients. Our expertise, coupled with personalized service in payroll, bookkeeping and a host of business solutions is the number one reason why Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.™ has a steady, solid and growing list of clients. We continually build relationships with customers, building trust and confidence that allows them to carry on their business with poise and assurance.

Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.™ takes the fear out of accounting or bookkeeping, taxes, and small business worries.

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Lindsay Villarreal

Label Me Lindsay

When I showed Karla the video from our wedding, she was so excited. She jumped out her seat and said: “This is a tax write-off!” I planned this whole wedding, looked at all the money I spent and if it wasn’t for having the conversation with Karla I wouldn’t have know what I could write-off. I think everybody out there needs to see, that having that conversation with your tax professional can really help your assets and save you money.

Mark MacVay, M.D.

As a busy physicians in today’s world, it is paramount that we make use of the most experienced, dedicated tax advisers out there. I’ve utilized the services of Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.™ for some time now and I can definitively say that Karla and her team are knowledgeable, thorough, and go above and beyond in providing comprehensive tax services. They are an essential component to your financial future.

Jeffrey Slayter & Jeremy Gamero – CA

Exceptional! Karla Dennis And Associates, Inc.™ is exceptional! They take the time to get to know you as an individual business. They tailor our taxes to serve our short term and long term goals. They lengthen the runway for a smoother take off providing us with the ability to adjust and make changes ahead of time. They are proactive with our accounting department and our partners. This is critical when controlling over 40 companies and over 60 investment properties all over the country.

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